We pride ourselves in offering great value for money with our entertainment services and our parties are no different to that. Below you will see a selection of the packages that we offer as guidance however all events are different so please get in touch with your requirements to obtain a full accurate price quote for your event. 

Please get in touch to discus your event for an accurate quote

 Small Disco - from £250
 (this is only really suitable for the smallest venues so please please check venue size with us to confirm)

This disco will consist of up to 3 hours of music (eg 8-11) We will bring a small sound system and a selection of flashing / disco lighting with us. This is only suitable for a small venue

Standard Disco - from £300
This disco is aimed at small to medium sized venues with around 4 hours of music (eg 7-11).   We will bring a sound system and a selection of flashing / disco lighting with us suitable for the size of the venue. This is only suitable for small and medium sized venues

 Large Disco - from £400
This disco consists of up to 5 hours worth of music (eg 7-12). We will bring a sound system and lighting rig suitable for the size of venue, we can cater to most venue sizes and also some outdoor events.


Above you can see an example of some of our more popular disco package requests with approximate guideline prices if the event was being held in the Folkestone area, for an accurate quote please get in touch. This is not an exhaustive list and we can and are happy to tailor our parties to suit your need if we are able to do so. Guide prices are for a "standard" event date, some dates may see increased prices and prices are also affected by venue access and location.

Extra FX (for an extra charge)
For those that really want their room alive with lighting this is a larger collection of lighting effects to fill any room, this works best with smoke ( smoke is included however some venues do not allow smoke and some ventilation systems can also spoil the effect. Please ask your venue if smoke machines are permitted in advance)  please check with your party to ensure nobody will be adversely affected by strobe and moving effect lighting before booking. Please chat to us if you are considering this to work out what is needed for your venue.

Smoke and strobes - before booking these please check that your venue's smoke alarms will not be affected and/or that anybody attending your party will be affected by strobe and/or moving light effects, as the party organiser the guests health is your responsibility and while we rarely have issues you know your guests better than we do. If we are not sure then we will not bring strobe lights or a smoke machine with us.

Please note that the prices indicated are for in the Folkestone area (other areas available however costs will vary), for an accurate quote for your requirements please get in touch. We will need access to power close to our set up area and also require time before and after the party for setting up and packing down, and please remember you need to supply the venue ;)