Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, it is also one of the biggest events many people will ever have to organise. To help you make your decision concerning picking a disco you may have several question and below we have given many of the most common questions along with our answer. Every wedding is different so if you have a question not answered below please feel free to get in touch however the answers below should assist you.

Do you have my date open?

This is one I can’t answer in advance.

How long have you been in the business? 

I started DJing in 1997 and have been running my own business for much of that time covering festivals, weddings, parties, holiday camps and more.

What sets you apart from your competition?

All Dj’s are different in personality and style, many may work for one event but not be suitable for another. I am a party DJ, not a chart or club dj. This means that while yes I do have current music I specialise in party music that attempts to be suitable for as many guests as possible. I will not constantly talk over the music. I am also fully aware that weddings are often a large gathering of people that don’t see each other very much and many wish to socialise more than dance.

What is your pricing?

Prices will vary from one event to the next however my confirmed quote prices will be inclusive of my travel, set up, performance and pack down. There will be no extra costs added at a later time (unless extra services are requested).

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes we have £10 million in public liability

How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover? Can I give you a specific list of songs I want or don’t want played?

Our music collection is substantial and covers not only “popular” music from the 50’s to current but we also have a large selection of country and showtunes so if you think your music is not classed as traditional party music just ask, we might still be able to help. We are more than happy to take a full or part play list from you should you wish to provide one, our dj’s are experienced in what they do and can provide a full set of music with or without one however if you are providing a full setlist for the event we do ask you to let your guests know that we are playing your selected music.

If the DJ scheduled for my event is unable to perform for some reason, do you have a backup replacement ready to go?

We will always attempt to provide the dj expected however occasionally things happen, we have several dj’s at our call and also have links to other local companies should something go wrong, we would of course keep you up to date if any changes need to be made on our part.

Do you bring backup equipment?

We always try to bring enough primary and back up equipment to keep your party going.

What kind of space do you require?

This depends on the size of venue and rig booked, minimum suggested space as a guide for a small set up would be 4m wide, 2m deep and 3m High with access to standard 240v power. Smaller set up may be possible depending on requirements in the same way extra space may be needed if the larger set up is booked

Can we meet to discuss my wedding?

Physical meetings can be arranged if wanted however modern convenience for all involved means methods such as Zoom video calls work better for most

Are you PAT tested?

All of our equipment is PAT tested every year for electrical safety in the same way a car has an MOT.

Can we see you at a booking?

You are welcome to come and see me at a public event if I have one at a suitable time but sorry, you would not be able to come and see me at a private booking in the same way I would not invite a potential or future customer to your wedding.

How long do you need for set up and pack down?

For set up I would normally allow 90 mins for a medium size set up and about 60 mins to pack down, actual time will depend on the rig size for your event and access into the function room from my vehicle. Please take the set up and pack down into account when organising your event room (especially if the venue gives you a time you need to be out by).

What do you typically wear?

Presentation is important for us, for a wedding our normal attire would be black shoes, black trousers and a smart, normally black shirt. Should you wish for a different appearance from us please ask us know in advance.

How do you handle song requests?

Unless we are running to a strict provided play list song requests will be taken from guests on the night however not all requests will be played, on rare occasions we might not have the request, at other times our dj might feel the request is too extreme or not suitable for the audience in general (eg somebody asking for rap or grime songs when the average age is 70 might not always be suitable)

Do you have another wedding gig before or after ours?

Our standard policy for anything longer than a 2 hour children’s party is that we would not take another booking for that day so no, we won’t be coming from another function before you or rushing off to another after.

How do you motivate a crowd to dance?

Short answer – I don’t. As mentioned earlier often weddings are social events and many people will not want to dance, constantly telling them too over a mic is not going to make their day any more enjoyable if they don’t want to. A good sign often overlooked is how many people are sat around the room singing along or tapping their feet or the table. That said if the party dances are what is needed I am often to be found on the dancefloor leading the dance if people are not sure of the moves.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.