Welcome to  Murders On Demand (M.O.D.) , AndyBigfoot Entertainment’s own brand of Murder Mystery events. The M.O.D. murder brand comes with the same high standards we have been bringing our audiences for quarter of a century, and, like the stage shows we have been involved with, you can be sure of a great evening with a cast of experienced actors.

Murders on Demand has outgrown just having a subpage on this website and has earned itself a stand alone "killer" website so please do visit if you are interested in Murder mystery shows in South East England as as perform across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London at both public and private events.


Our Murder Mystery shows last approximately two and a half hours start to finish and are designed perfectly to fit in with a typical event 3 course meal although can be done without the food service, with a buffet meal or even an American Supper if that is how your event is planned.

A typical event from us will contain 6 actors (5 characters and a police inspector) who will join and interact with the guests throughout the duration of the show. Guests are invited and encouraged to ask questions and talk to the characters to dig into the story and uncover information from them in person. As the show progresses guests may also pick up clues from interactions between the characters whilst also picking apart evidence introduced by the inspector. As the evening draws to a close Guests will be asked to come to a conclusion and make an accusation before an arrest is made of the real culprit.

Great for team building as well as social events and also on your own, guests have the chance to sound out thoughts with their tables before deciding if they all agree and want to answer as a whole group, split down into smaller groups and pairs or even on their own if they don’t agree on the culprit.

 To help with size guidance we have marked the plots below with S (up to about 60 guests/4-7 tables), M (up to about 75 guests/8-9 tables) and L (up to about 100 guests/10-12 tables) to allow you to give your guests the best possible experience. Dress suggestions are just that, suggestions, it is not mandatory dress code just fun to fit in.

Murder Mystery Show information and Q?'s

How do we book a show?

This one is nice and simple, please use ourcontact us page to make your initial enquiry and from there we can go through options as well as making arrangements to speak to you.

How many actors are in the show?

Our standard event show has 6 actors consisting of 5 characters and a police inspector.

How do your shows run?

We don't want to go into too much detail here as we don't want to spoil anything, please note that some events may run differently but here is a basic breakdown. At around 7:30 pm one of our team will meet with guests for a quick run through of some house rules, information and show setting. Shortly after this meeting our five characters will gradually enter the room and start to interact with the guests. At around 8 pm our inspector will arrive and the event will take a turn in direction. Over the following one and a half to 2 hours the show will unfold with characters interacting with and being questioned by the guests along with some acted out scene across the room between characters. This time will also see our inspector introducing pieces of evidence for guests to look at. Our denouement at around 9:45-10 pm is in the hands of our inspector with their report culminating in the arrest of the culprit.

What do you need from us?

This list is not big but is quite important. First of all we require a room separate from the even room for us to store evidence and our things, change and have a read through pre show, we will need this room at least 90-120 mins before the show start. Secondly we require somewhere to display our evidence, this could be freestanding notice boards or even just walls that you are happy for us to use. Finally our actors will need water in both the green room and during the event along with food that matches what the guests are eating as characters will be sat with guests and it is important the guests keep the feeling of being in the same environment as the characters, this could be access to the buffet with the guests or a place setting and serving along with the guests at the table.

How much does it cost to book a show?

We have no single set price for our shows as different events may have different requirements however a good ball park figure to use if considering making bookings in the Kent area at the moment would be in the region of £750. We may be able to also come to arrangements for charity/NFP fundraising events and also for venues looking to make multiple bookings within a certain time period.

When do you require deposits and final payment?

We normally require a 10% non returnable deposit to secure our show for your date and venue. Final payment is then due no later than 2 weeks before the event date. (Cancellations would be subject to our terms and conditions)

Are you insured?

Our shows are covered by public liability insurance for any issues directly caused by our performance, please ensure you have the correct relevant insurance in place for your venue and event organising if required.

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