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 Immersive interactive Murder Mystery events performed by professional experienced actors

Below you can find a list of available shows and also a glance at some of those in development. Shows can be done to any size audience however due to the interactive nature of the shows the bigger the audience the poorer the experience can be. To help with size guidance we have marked the plots below with S (up to about 60 guests/4-7 tables), M (up to about 75 guests/8-9 tables) and L (up to about 100 guests/10-12 tables) to allow you to give your guests the best possible experience. Dress suggestions are just that, suggestions, it is not mandatory dress code just fun to fit in.

From Summer 2023 some of our shows are also available in our new XL size, these super size shows are suitable for up to about 125 people on 13-15 tables

Available speciality plots

Vampire And Monsters Preservation society - S,M  Sinderella: Murder at Midnight- S,M                                                                'Till Death Do Us Part - M,L

Annual ball and awards evening - ideal for halloween                                        Production company party, - great for around xmas                                            Specially written for Wedding breakfasts

Modern day plot                                                                                                  Modern day plot                                                                                                    Modern day plot

 dress suggestion - halloween                                                                            Dess suggestion - panto, xmas jumper, tie, outfits                                               Dress suggestion - as per wedding specifics

Available regular plots

Black Widows - S,M,L                                      I'm With the Band - M,L                                   Coal Blooded Murder - S,M,L, XL

Family union at a memorial                                                                                    A themed fundraising evening for a local charity                                                A birthday party during hard times

modern day plot                                                                                                    Modern day plot                                                                                                  set in 1984

Dress suggestion - N/a                                                                                        Dress suggestion - depends on agreed band style                                              Dress suggestion - 80's 

The Policeman's Ball - S                                                               Girls Night Out - S,M,L,XL                                                            Silence at the Speakeasy -S,M,L,XL

Yearly ball and awards evening                                                       It's a girls night out, says it all                                                         1920s style speakeasy

Modern day plot                                                                               Modern day plot                                                                              set in 1920s

dress suggestion - black tie                                                                                 dress suggestion - casual party wear                                                                  dress suggestion-20's/gangsters/flappers


Shows coming soon - currently in Development


Black Widows -  S,M,L

When John Turner suddenly died recently it didn’t come as a surprise due to the number of hours he had been working over recent years. John signed an agreement when he was a student  to leave his body to medical research and as such no standard funeral was held and this evening we are here to celebrate his life however, when wife meets wife do we discover the true story of a real fake.

I'm With the Band -  M,L

Support a charity which has arranged a theme night with entertainment as a fundraiser &also to raise it's profile a little. After some pulling some stings with an old friend one of the most in demand tribute bands has been booked to perform but is everything as glamorous as it seems or is it more than just the music that is a little rocky.

Silence at the Speakeasy -  S,M,L,XL

In the 1920s Speakeasy bars spread across the USA but it seems it may have also reached our shores bringing some of the problems they are known for across the pond with them

Sinderella: Murder at Midnight -S,M

Christmas is fast approaching and bringing with it Panto season. Our panto production company is making a massive move from a small local theatre to taking over the large regional theatre for it’s production this year. You will be attending a sponsors and advertisers dinner as they release information on this years show. Please note there may be adult language, jokes and subjects covered in this plot unsuitable for children

The Policemans Ball- S

Yearly Police Officers Dinner and Ball hosted by the commissioner, also used for some local  awards. Crime rates are down and arrests are up as our force celebrate a successful year in the community but is the peace on the streets matched by harmony in the police station.

Vampire And Monsters Preservation society - S,M

Yearly Dinner, Ball and award evening, we are gathered for the annual VAMPS awards evening, dinner and ball. Vamps are a national society of historic vampire believers who hold meetings at various locations across the country. Nominations have come in from across the country  for various categories that have been adjudicated by a panel and will be presented this evening.

A Coal Blooded Murder - S,M,L, XL

It’s 1984 and siblings, Tracey and Patrick are celebrating their birthdays with a joint party! They may be sharing a party but they certainly don’t share the same personality. Tracey plans on making an announcement this evening, while Pat is hoping to use the party to get people on side with the miners. The siblings disagree on just about everything but will they be there for each other when it matters.